Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Luke Ch 6:27-38 & Some thoughts on giving...

I love verse 27 " But I say to you who hear " I could just sit with that one verse for a while. You mean we " may not hear?" Surely our ears work right? We want to be hearers, dont we? I sure do. But after hearing that, you automatically know that what's going to come next is going to be something you wont want to hear, and for sure something hard that you wouldnt naturally want to do. So let's see. Im just going to make a list of the things Jesus mentioned to do for those of us who hear:
love your enemies
do good ( yes good! ) to those who hate you
give to everyone who asks of you without expecting anything in return
be merciful
dont judge
dont condemn
pardon/ release
And what happens when we do those things? Verse 38 Give, and it will be given to you; good measure , pressed down, shaken together, running over, THEY will pour into your lap. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you. I have heard this scripture used so many times in relation to giving money and that may be part of it. But giving encompasses way more then just money. Jesus said "they" would pour into your lap. I believe the they is the things He tells you to give--mercy, love, forgiveness, good things, freedom and grace. Those things will over flow into our lives and dont we all want those things? I also understand it's hard to do those things and thats why He is only speaking to those who hear- it's our choice.
Iv been looking at myself and how i give since all this started to happen with my husband. I have friends who i know have been on their faces crying and praying for me and my family consistantly since day one and they are still praying even more for us now. They stayed with me in to the early morning ours in the hospital. They have- more times than i can count- listened to me as i have wept uncontolably on the phone, having no idea what to say to me but listened to me still. They have loved me in a way i could never ever express in words and i wish i could put it in their hearts how much i love them for it! But i wondered, would i have done that for them? Would i have consistantly prayed for them with tears all day long? Or would i have just thrown out a -thank you Lord for taking care of them and gone about my day? When people ask me to pray for them do i take it seriously to me Father or in my heart treat it like its not really a big deal? Am I really loving people? Are you?
The second thing iv been looking at is how do i give. i have recieived an abundance of canned food and other things during the last few weeks. A few things have caught my eye like sardines, powdered milk, expired diet meals. Please dont get me wrong, I am thankful but it has caused me to look at what i give to people. I mean really, did someone go out and buy sardines thinking that was a good thing to give someone? and the expired diet food? Or was that the junk left in the back of their cupboard? And honestly, thats exactly how i would have given. Whatever was in my cupboard that i hadnt used is what i would give. How sad is that! God help me to be a hearer and a giver like Christ. Its a journey where im at right now. God is certainly showing me quite a bit and not all of it is nice. But i know He loves me, He is absolutely faithful and He shows us things to benefit us, not to hurt or shame us. I know this was long. I appreciate it if anyone actually read the whole thing! just some things I think are worth considering. :)


  1. I've been a believer for a little over 20 years. I count my life as a Christian AS (almost) NOTHING till I meet George and Denise about 10 years ago.

    Half of my Christian life wasted? No, had I died I would have gone to heaven, but Denise taught me I was missing out on so much more.

    She taught me I didn't have to "do this and do that" in order to be saved. All we have to do is believe on Him, JESUS! She taught me about the power of the Holy Spirit and how the Lord is always endevoring to get GOOD over to us.

    The very first time I meet her, she (and her mom) brought over all this food. We had planned to do lunch and a bible study, but Denise and her mom kept going to the car to BRING in STUFF for me!!! The next week it was the same thing, and the next week and the next week! I told my husband something is up with these Christian ladies, they keep blessing us and blessing us.

    The last 3 children I birthed Denise was here with FOOD, HOT FOOD, for our WHOLE FAMILY as soon as the baby was out (born at home.) Any believer can do that. I've done it many times myself.

    Let me reveal to you something NO OTHER CHRISTIAN HAS EVER DONE to me, nor do I know of anyone else that has experienced this. She comes with tons of food the day the baby is born to not only feed us, but others that are here. THEN SHE IS CRAZY ENOUGH TO DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS....WITH HER BABIES IN TOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you go to Denise's house she makes you feel like the world has stopped and it is ALL ABOUT YOU. The first time I went to her house it was kinda messey (toys and shoes, etc...) and I was thinking, gosh, why doesn't she pick them up. I'll tell you why. She didn't care. She was focused on SERVING me and my family. She didn't clean a thing, she just sat with me and talked and made me a Latte with half and half, then she made one for my husband. SHE CARED ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!

    Denise taught me the difference THAT NIGHT between entertaining and hospitality.

    When I was sick, she came day after day after day to FEED ME THE WORD OF GOD. I'll never forget her saying to me, "Shannon, I'll keep coming until your well." COME ON FOLKS!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!! YOU DON'T SEE CHRISTIANS MOVING THIS WAY ANYMORE. If you do, it's a RAREITY (i think i just made up a word.)

    Denise doesn't just doesn't pray she DOES.

    I am also pretty sure I would either HATE my husband or be divorced RIGHT NOW, but Denise has always ENCOURAGED me to look to Jesus. She always says, "Shannon you just do your job, just do your job, and leave your husband to the Lord." She taught me that we are called to serve our husbands and love them UNCONDITIONALLY. She taught me that loving our husbands is a form of worship.

    If I had time to write ALL THE GOOD THINGS Denise had poured into my life, it would take me hours and hours to write them all. I AM TOTALLY SERIOUS.

    If you are having marriage trouble, or any trouble for that matter, go to Denise's house, she has the time to sit with you and FEED you the Word. O.k. she really doesn't have time, but she makes JESUS #1 and so anyone who needs anything, she makes them PRIORITY.

    I jokingly say Denise is Jesus' sister. But I really feel that way.

    Denise THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you have done for me. I am BLESSED to be your friend.

    Please Denise don't respond to this and play yourself down. Every word I said is honest to God truth!


  2. Denise you are amazing, thank you Shannon for sharing. Alida w5

  3. Denise, What a blessing you are! I just found your blog yesterday through Gleaning the Harvest. My heart breaks for you and your beautiful children. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been reading (and crying) and this post just inspired me to comment and say thanks for sharing these particular thoughts. Then, I read your friends' comments about you and I'm crying all over again. God's light definitely shines through you and all you do. I am reminded of Matt 5:16 as I learn more about your journey. Our God is awesome!!