Friday, March 12, 2010

Since being touched by death, Iv been thinking alot about adam and eve. They are, after all, the ones who sold out the whole human race for a piece of fruit and a lie. Let any of us who worry about the choices our children are making take a little comfort in that. Thats pretty much the worst choice anyone could ever make. Im not going to be too hard on them though because im sure i would have done the same thing. But still, that one choice brought so much destruction. That was when fear and insecurity were birthed and given life. And Jesus,the One they use to have sweet fellowship with everyday, they now find themselves hiding from. Then having to leave the garden which contrary to what alot of people believe was not a punishment. It was actually to save us because had they eaten from the tree of life there could have been no redemption for us. we would have lived forever in that sinful state. But I try to put myself in their shoes. How they must have felt, the first time to feel fear and to be afraid of the One who had given them life. Then how they must have felt walking out of the garden of eden. Eden means the heart of God. What a walk that must have been. Seriousely think if it was you, how would you have felt? I think i would have felt sorrow almost to the point of death. And i wonder where did they set up their place to live? how far did they go from the entrance to the garden? i would have pitched my tent right outside the entrance. And i think the worst part would have been to not walk in the sweet presence of their Creator anymore EVER again! Yes, He did make a place where His Glory would come but thats not nearly the same as daily walking with Him.
Then I thought about God- our Father. How He must have felt! He, being all knowing, knew that was the day His children were going to doubt Him and believe the devil over Him. I wonder how He felt calling adam in the garden that day? How He felt that His children were hiding afraid of Him. Think about it. Knowing that He was going to have to separate Himself from them and that they were going to leave the garden and not walk daily with Him. I bet His heart broke. Even though He is God, He still grieves. He cries, it says in Jeremiah, over the unbelief of His children and the consequences that brings to them. These were His first hand creations, that They fashioned in Their image, that He knelt down and breathed His life and His spirit into. It's amazing to me, His plan and the great lengths He goes to to show us how much He loves us and just wants to restore to us what was lost that day. He wants us to trust Him- not be perfect- but to trust Him. He wants to be our Father, our Dad! Im counting on that one right now! You really cant even wrap your mind around it it's so incredible and unbelievable. Just some things ive been thinking about....

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