Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everywhere i go i think of my husband. Starbucks, home depot, Roebucks, etc... I cant seem to drive down any street without some memory of Him coming over my heart. i was getting gas today, which is something i hate doing. It was one of the sweet things my husband used to do for me that i greatly appreciated. As i was deciding which gas to get i remembered how we use to have little arguments over which gas i put in my car. I would pick the cheapest one while he on the other hand would get one of the 2 more expensive ones trying to convince me that it was better quality and would be better for my engine. I would tell him it's all the same, they just say that to charge you more. We had that little tiff quite a few times trying to convince each other we were right. We also had one about the faster route to the 5 freeway. I would go up one street, and he would go down another one. We never actually clocked it but I would always try to convince him i was right and he would disagree and do the same. And these werent big arguments, just silly little disagreements. I remember the night I drove him to the ER. It was 9pm Thursday night oct 9 i believe. we said goodbye to the boys. isaac was so afraid he was shaking. I had to get on the 5 to go to the hospital and do you know which way i went? His way. Because in that moment of time being right just did not matter. Nothing mattered to me in that moment than him and loving him every possible way- even by getting on the freeway the way he thought was better. And anytime i have to get on the 5 now i always go the way he did. It's strange but it does something for me i just cant really explain. Life is short- even if you live a long life- it's still short. Being right isnt worth the waste of time to prove it. My husband would rarely fight with me. The things i mentioned above i wouldnt consider fighting. But if we were fighting ( or i was trying to fight with him ) and he was right he would take the blame and apologize because he new it was a waste of time. Listen, dont waste time on petty little things that so easily seem to sprout up in marriage...clothes on the floor, toilet seat up, things they do that just bug the crap out of you. But like weeds, you have to get rid of them by overcoming them or they'll take over and destroy your marriage. I had all those issues too but you know what, from where im sitting id take it all to have him back. It just doesnt matter- get over it, suck it up. Im sure i wasnt ms perfect to live with either and neither probably are you or any of us for that matter. Marriage is suppose to be a picture of the great mystery of Christ and His love for us- His bride. Its suppose to be a picture of trust (not perfection) forgiveness and unconditional love. So just love each other, do what the other wants, overlook the imperfections- be thankful that you have them!
1 corinthians 13 ...and if i have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if i have all faith , so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I AM NOTHING. Wow, thats something to sit with.

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