Monday, May 17, 2010

I love love love Cottonwood church! I love the praise, the people and I love the teaching! Last night Isaac went with me to the service. They are teaching on healing sunday nights through may. And yes, i still believe God heals. So i was actually praying for Isaac last night during service that God would move on Him, that he would be touched by the Holy Spirit, that He would be affected somehow. For those of you who dont know Isaac, he's not a big talker about feelings, and he's not super affectionate. ( He says he's saving all the hugs and kisses for his wife ) He will let me hug him but i pretty much have to chase him down to do it. Anyway on the way home last night we were talking about George and Isaac started telling me that he was still angry with me about something that happened with his dad. One night during his last 2 weeks a friend had come over. I was walking her out and we were praying out front. Isaac came out and told me that dad wanted to have a family meeting but i gave him the "wait" sign because we were praying. Well, by the time we were done outside George had fallen back asleep. ( he was on a lot of morphine and was asleep most of the time ) So Isaac, this whole time ,has been angry with me. I told him i was so sorry for doing that. And i said that i hoped he could forgive me for that which he said he did with a sweet smile. But what was wonderful was that it opened up this moment for us to share. When we got home he asked if he could sleep with me which was strange for him to ask so i said yes. And thank God for the Holy Spirit leading us! I had planned on sewing and doing my thing but i just felt Isaac's heart was open so i went and laid down with him. He started asking me what i miss and dont miss about dad and then he shared with me what he misses and doesnt. He kept putting his head under the pillows because he was crying. Then we talked about all these memories he has of hanging out together, playing guitar, watching movies in georges big truck, working together. Just a quick side brag- when isaac was 7, George redid our roof and let Isaac help him demo it. George tied him to the chimney and Isaac worked all night- non stop! He loved working with his dad and honestly he worked harder than most of Georges other helpers. But we talked about how hard it is to have all those memories because you also have more sorrow- more of a loss I think. We talked about how Simeon will never remember George being part of his life but Isaac assured me he will help Sim to know who is dad was. I told him that id never forget this one day probably just days before George died how Isaac asked him to do a puzzle with him. Even though George just slept the whole time they were at the table together. It just blessed my heart that he wasnt scared of him ( because he looked scarey )and he wanted to spend time with him. He said, well mom, i wanted him to be healed. It was so sweet and such a precious God time with him last night. And it reassured my hope in their (our) Father that He is working in their hearts and He will be faithful to bring them through this.

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  1. First thing: I love that you have Homesick on your player. That was one of the songs the band did at Michael's memorial service. I've been so homesick for Heaven. Pastor Bayless said on Saturday night that he thought the Lord won't delay his return much longer, and I've had the same thought as I've been reading Biblical prophesy and watching world events. I'm ready. My heart is already in Heaven.

    It was good to meet you on Sunday night. I loved the acoustic music during worship, and Pastor Bayless's teaching. I'll be there next Sunday night, too.

    I pray your boys will continue to experience the healing of their tender hearts.