Thursday, May 20, 2010

Iv had such a blessed week! We do serve an amazing God who even in the midst of our struggles and sadness can make us feel not just a peace that surpasses all understanding but a love as well. I love how God in His amazing wisdom uses having children as reflections of our spiritual walk with Him. Not just the fits and selfishness that we may- at times- have in common with them but the simple beautiful everyday life moments. I was at Disneyland Land with the boys a few weeks ago. I was riding Big thunder mountain with Ben and he wants to hold his arms up because its more thrilling and fun but he's too scared to. So i said to him go ahead and put your arms up and Ill hold onto you. So i put my arms around his waist and held him and he, smiling from ear to ear, threw his arms up in the air. What i noticed though, was that when we would go down a dip or turn sidewise he would get scared and doubt my grip on him and he would start to reach for the bar so id squeeze him a little tighter and reassure him that iv got him and up his arms would go again. Now i know thats just a day at disneyland but i gleaned something spiritual from that. Isnt that how our lives are- like the roller coaster? Filled with ups, downs, fun times when we throw our hands up but also some scary times when we are holding on for dear life. What beautiful picture of faith I saw in Ben that he trusted me not only in the good times but when he was afraid. Isnt that Just like our Father? He holds us in our good times but in our darkest moments of fear He holds us a little tighter and tells us- dont be afraid, Im holding you. Go ahead and throw your arms up because Im your Father and i will see you through. I was just rereading Nehemiah and in ch8: 10 he says" Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength" For a long time i couldnt understand what that meant- the joy of the Lord is our strength. Now i think i do. I believe it's the joy of knowing Him, knowing what He promises His children. I believe it's looking at Jesus as the exact representation of the nature of our Father and knowing that He not only holds us by the hand, but that we are also in His hands and NOTHING- no sickness, sorrow, disease, debt, lack, oppression, fear, pain, no other power- not even death itself can seperate us from Him. And for the joy of having that knowledge, no matter what we are facing now or to come, we can have strength and we can and should lift our hands to Him in praise because He- and He alone- is our Deliverer.


  1. Girlfriend! WOW!
    Yes The joy if knowing Him brings security!
    love sister. Ernestine

  2. I love this story and I love you! Thank you for sharing your heart with me today and yesterday. I am blessed to have you in my life. You do know that you carry the aroma of Christ and it rubs off on me and everyone else that is lucky enough to get close to you. You are in my heart.