Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last week i went to the women's conference at Cottonwood. While i did enjoy it, I found it focused a little too much on getting involved with other things. While i absolutely believe in serving others, i believe taking care of our husbands and children should be our main serving. I think it's easy for us- for me anyway- to desire to get involved in certain "ministries" because they feel good to do them ie...helping teen moms, visiting people in hospitals, volunteering time serving meals. Compare that to butt wiping, referring, character training ALL DAY LONG, Id rather do those other things in a heart beat. I remember asking the Lord sometime ago about where i was going to minister and asking Him what He's called me to do. And you know one day I was super tired, on my knees changing a poopy diaper and He said to me " what if THIS is what I want you to do?" I said, Well, im not going to be very happy about that! But, it doesnt matter if Im happy with it- being home loving and serving our husbands and children is what He has called us to do. And i believe this work is our training ground to really learn to serve like Christ- where we really learn the meaning of denying ourselves and picking up our cross and following Him. He was tired, emptied Himself to find that others still had needs and He somehow met them, no one ever cared if He ate or drank, whenever He tried to go away and spend time with the Father people always found Him, people spoke badly of Him and yet He continued to serve- even His enemy. And Im pretty sure that only one person ever thanked Him for doing something. Some of that rings vaguely familiar to my life. I love at the conference on Friday, one of the speakers was saying how she was telling God how she just cant do things because she's so tired. And His answer to her was that He never promised her she wouldnt be tired! AND He said to her - Charlette you're just going to have to learn to do tired WELL. Isn't that the truth!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the conference. I wish I could have gone, but I did get to hear Bobbie Houston speak on Sunday night. She brought a good Word. :)

    I think mothers are the very example of service, and it isn't good to put the needs of your children on hold in order to serve at church. You just keep raising those boys up to be good men.

  2. Shalom! You have no idea who I am but I stumbled upon your blog and am completely touched by your posts.

    This one is beautiful. for the last month I've been feeling guilt that I'm not running around involved in this ministry or that like other moms in our congregation, but you know, this sits well with me.